Friday, April 22, 2011

Gaia Symphony - Japanese documentary film on May 19 (Th) at 6:00 pm

The IVC Japanese Program will screen Gaia Symphony #6, a documentary film featuring prominent people have pursued their callings in various fields in the world.  People used to know that man is a part of a bigger life and lived the precious moment, NOW, to fulfill their own dream. The sixth series "The Universe Resonates with the Sound of the Void" celebrates the sounds of nature, "Can you hear the sound of the nature?" to find the beauty of harmony between the nature and man, to depicts the way man connects to the nature and how we, man and animal, keep harmony on this beautiful planet.
       On May 19th (Thursday) at 6:00 pm. we are happy to announce that we screen the six series of Gaia Symphony.  It is a heartwarming and moving film that features marine biologist, Roger Payne, famous for his Whale Song, the world renown sitar performer, Ravi Shankar, and the new wage pianist resonating the sound of Gaia (earth) with her music trying to connect us to the nature. 
      We are accepting the pre-sale of tickets for two or more and the ticket is $10.00 (you can add more to your donation) and the net proceed will go to UNICEF.  
     Please send the check to: Fumiko Ishii  (Japanese Program) c/o Irvine Valley College, 5500 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, 92618 with your check for 2 or more tickets.  Please include your desired ticket number and your e-mail address, so that we can send you the confirmation of receipt of your check.  Please print this e-mail and exchange it at the front desk on the day of the performance at IVC Performing Arts Center, unless you make prior arrangement with us to receive tickets in person at IVC. Please contact us at for detail instruction. Please come at 5:00 pm to avoid congestion so that the film will start on time.  We will be selling some LoveforJapan T-shirts, light refreshment, and other items in the lobby.  Thank you very much. Please click the sites for more information of Gaia Symphony.
      Irvine Valley college (IVC) の日本語科とジャパンクラブでは、来たる5月19日、木曜日に東日本大震災の為の募金活動の一環としてドキュメンタリーフィルム、地球交響曲、ガイアシンフォニーの第6番「全ての存在は響きあっている」を上映します。
  「地球の声が聞こえますか」をテーマとする「地球交響曲」は1992年に第一番が作られました。ガイアシンフォニーは美しい映像と音楽を通じて、この大きな地球(ガイア)と人との繋がりを、世界で色々な分野に活躍する人たちの目を通して映し出してくれます。「自然とのシンフォニーを奏でながら今に生きる」「耳を傾けて、自然の音を聞いてください。」 地球交響曲第6番は、「音が世界を作り出した」と語りかけ、インドのシター奏者の話、自然を謳歌するピアノ演奏、鯨の奏でる音楽等を取り入れて「虚空の音の世界」を追求しています。「音を観て、光を聴く旅」にご一緒しませんか。
 ご希望の方は、小切手をFumiko Ishii, C/O Irvine Valley College, 5500 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, 92618までお送り下さい。ご希望の枚数とE-maiアドレスもお忘れなく小切手と一緒に送ってください。l詳細は、ivcjapan11@gmail.comにお問い合わせください。切符は一名、10ドルでお願いしています。切符は、当日受け取りとなります。上記の小切手の確認のメールをプリントアウトしてお持ち下さい、切符との交換となります。成るべくお早めにお越しください。皆様の多大なるご協力に心より感謝しております。ガイアシンフォニーの詳細は、下記のウェブサイトをご覧下さい。


We received a shipment of LoveforJapan wristbands and they will be available for donation of $2 or more.  Please write to us at  Thank you for your support. 
As of April 21, we have rasied $3,200 in check (sent to UNICEF - Japan Disaster Fund) and about $5,000 in cash, thanks to your generous support.  We will continue to raise funds to help support the victims of Tohoku Dai Shinsai (Northeastern Japan Earthquake Disaster.)   
Please join us on May 19 (Thursday) at Performing Arts Center, the doors will open at 5:00 pm for sales of light refreshments and LoveforJapan goods, and the screening will start at 6:00 pm.  See you there.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Japanese Film Festival and Giography Club Bake Sale

Thank you very much for your support to fundraiser for the disaster in Japan. 

 On April 16 and 17, we sold T-shirt at the Japan Film Festival, and raised $718.25 (including the donation) in two days.
4月16日、17日 に行われました、日本映画際でTシャツセールを行いました。
The other event, called IVC geography club bake sales, which held on April 20, and raised $408.00.

We appreciate Japan club member, Geography club member, Japanese instructors and other volunteers for your hard work on those days.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

IVC Love4Japan upcoming events in April

1.  Thank you for your generosity of purchasing T-shirts at the Japanese Film Festival on April 16 & 17.  We had a great response.

2. On April 20 (W) from 10 am -3 pm, at SSC quad, IVC Geography Club will hold the Japan relief fund raiser in collaboration with the Japan Club.  There will be bake sales, crane making, and sale of the T-shirts at that time.  Please come join us.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

T-Shirt Fundraiser March '11

On March 30th IVC's Japan Club and Japan Program held a T-Shirt fundraiser. It was a very hot day, but there were so many helpers, and supporters. The turnout was better than I could have imagined, and I think many of us, including myself were touched by how many people were willing to help Japan. We sold out of almost all of our T-Shirts!

Donation Bottles

Signing Encouragement Letter for Japan
Group Picture

Friday, April 8, 2011


Tシャツを買って、Love for Japan.

Thursday, April 7, 2011